KD stressed that the warriors will continue to do their own, surprised by the enthusiasm of the fans in Golden State

golden state
Beijing time on July 28, according to U.S. media reports, yesterday’s China Men’s basketball team warm-up match, Kevin Durant has since decided to joined the Braves debut in the Oracle arena, and the warriors fans give Durant’s enthusiasm to feel some are not accustomed to the former MVP.
Before the start of the game yesterday, Durant, Green and, three warriors players standing in the center of the venue to the warriors fans greet. Holding the microphone Green fans to encourage the audience to welcome Durant.
“They know I made this decision, I was faced with the pressure of how much.” “So they’re trying to make me feel comfortable,” Durant said of his new team-mates. I am very grateful. It shows how good they are and their teammates. So I’m looking forward to a great season.”
The passion for the warriors fans, Adu is not used to some.
“It’s a little bit strange for me to cheer for these (Warriors) fans.” Durant said after the game, “it’s clear that I spent so much time in the other places, and then I made the change, but it was a great feeling. I thank all the fans to come and watch us play.”
“That’s cool. The atmosphere was great, everyone showed me their love for me and love for the team, so it was fun.”
Durant stressed that after joining the warriors, he will continue to do their own, and said he felt the warriors will accept him to do their own.
“I’ll keep doing what I’m good at.” Durant said, “they all have different personalities. De Raymond will continue to do their own, Cray will continue to do yourself, Stephen, Andre and Sean are the same.”
“Although they have different personalities, they can work because they understand each other. Now it’s just another person.”
Yesterday after the game, Durant scored, eventually, he got 13 points, the team get a victory.
“The night before, I had no sleep.” Durant said after the game, “I want to be myself. Kaili (Erwin). He told me before tipoff, in any case he will give me the ball. I know I’ll be the first one. Luckily, it’s in.”
When see Durant after the start of the race yesterday not to 7 seconds is thrown into a third of the ball, clay Thompson sigh: “this could be the League a trouble.”

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Gucci watches jewelry • Thanksgiving

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Shaquille O’Neal: on singled out Jordan win LeBron

Shaquille O’Neal – recently appeared in Hong Kong to participate in a commercial activity, asked by reporters during an almost off-season will be used each year to discuss the old topic: – Michael Jordan and LeBron – James who is stronger?
O’Neal entered the league in 1992, 2011 finished his last race, were experienced during the peak period of two superstar Michael Jordan and LeBron, so for this problem, he fell really great voice. So if LeBron ups for Jordan singled question who would win, he is how to answer it?
“That would be an interesting race.” O’Neill On the Road, “the young LeBron is more like a Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, he is a bit like the ability to have a magician. He likes the ball, organize the team. But Mike is Mike, he is too special, and different from anyone else. He was always able to do things other people can not do, so he is special, so he will win. ”
For singled out among themselves who will win, LeBron and Jordan himself has recently also published a comment. Jordan with a “no suspense” express their confidence, while LeBron is expressed more mildly: “Whatever the face of any man I have selected myself.”
But O’Neal would not finish, representing Jordan is better than LeBron, he language front of a turn, believe there is a person stronger than the god of basketball.
“Mike and I have seen their prime when playing LeBron, but I must say, Dr. J is still my favorite.” O’Neal said, “A lot of people today do not even have noticed his name, but for me say, I still think he is the best. Of course, this is never get an answer puzzles, like Bruce Lee asked me and who beat each other on the streets meet the same. You never know. Some people will say, ‘Bruce Lee would Shaq beat the lie ‘, also suggested that,’ Shaq larger than the two combined Bruce Lee. ‘This is a good question, good discussion topics, but that is not the answer. “

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Odom: Kardashian is my wife

According to the “Touch” magazine reported that, despite the former NBA star Lamar – Lamar Odom has been and Kohler – Kardashian officially divorced, but now Kardashian and Rockets star James – Harden’s romance is rising, but Oddo Tim obviously does not fit this relationship, and in an interview, still called Kardashian as “my wife.”
Last week, witnesses said Kohler – Kardashian Odom suffered a raid in Los Angeles, and led to sustained attention outside. In this regard, Odom insisted in an interview that he does not harass or “ambush” Kardashian, and that this is a big misunderstanding.
Although Odom and Kohler have signed the divorce agreement, but in this interview, do not know is intentional or not, Odom constantly call Kohler is “my wife.”
“Misunderstanding between my wife and I have been made public. It makes one feel very hurt.” He adds, “That woman is my wife. Even on my ring finger is gone, even though she was photographed with another Man (Harden) together, but that woman is my wife. ”
“She was my soul mate.” Odom getting more and more excited, “I can not control the situation, we will never be separated. I would never consider another woman’s feelings seriousness development. In conclusion, if A man trying to pursue Kohler, he may be a waste of time. ”
Odom clearly Kohler – Kardashian are dating and Harden was very unhappy, and he would not even Ti Hadeng name. Odom expressed see Kohler and another man feel very strange, but the most strange place is that “I really know what I feel for her.”

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Duncan won the best teammate Award

According to “My San Antonio” reported that alliance announced today, the Spurs star Tim Duncan – Annual 2014-15 season to get the best teammate award.
Best Award NBA teammate year, Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award for the annual NBA awards and presented to be considered in the competition “unselfish play, in and off the field have leadership and become a mentor to other players and role models, but also to focus on the team dedicated “ideal teammate.
Best Award NBA teammate annual total of 12 candidates, the Eastern and Western Union 6. Legendary NBA star candidate list by a jury selected, followed by the all-NBA players voted, according to ranking the first 10 points, second place seven points, third place five points, fourth place three points, the first five 1 minute.
The best selection of NBA teammate Year award a total of 300 NBA players to participate in the vote, Duncan scored 72 first-place votes.
Best NBA teammate annual award was set up from the beginning of the 2012-13 season, the last two winners were Chauncey – Chauncey Billups and Sean – Shane Battier.
Another example of Duncan with team-oriented qualities of this is: This summer, he decided to take a pay cut ($ 5.25 million annual salary) to stay in San Antonio, which makes the Spurs big-name free agent able to LaMarcus – Aldridge offer top salary contract. Next season, the Spurs Duncan’s salary only ranked No. 6, while the league will have 153 players in salary higher than his.

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Manchester United give up signing Pedro truth

Originally I thought Pedro would move to Manchester United, eventually withering Stamford Bridge, is what makes him miss the final with the Red Devils? This in the end what happened behind the scenes?

Manchester United explanation given is that coach Louis van Gaal changed his mind at the last minute, stopped the deal. This makes Pedro no choice but to go to Chelsea.
This interpretation doubts exist. Manchester United chief executive Woodward twice to Barcelona (including Monday), talk about Pedro’s deal if the coach does not recognize, the Red Devils will go negotiate buy?
And Manchester United saying different news sources from within Barcelona that Manchester United attitudes and practices in the negotiations, angered Pedro, let saber went to Chelsea.
Barcelona insiders said, about how to pay this € 30 million, Manchester United and they have been wrangling for a month, the Red Devils stick down 25 million Euro, in addition to 5,000,000 additional float, while Barcelona Euro 28 million down payment requirements, two million floating, on the order the 300 million euro of difference, negotiated transaction delays.
Early in nearly a month ago, Pedro Van Gaal on from Manchester United and get a commitment, saying he would sign as soon as possible, saber is also ready to sign with the Red Devils, even after the Super Bowl had to say, “I do not know whether it is in Barcelona Halo, “this is the case, but waited a month after the deal is still no movement.
Barcelona inside sources said Monday, when Pedro payment method that Manchester United are still wrangling, he was completely outraged, saber was Manchester United do not respect him, for so little money for so long delay, but the British media Another insider disclosed that when Woodward Monday to leave Barcelona, ​​and Barcelona also agreed: I wait 72 hours, within 72 hours Manchester United may also have final offer. But this time, Chelsea has to offer ($ 2,800 + 200 US dollars), losing patience Barcelona immediately accept, irritated Pedro also decided not to bother Manchester United.

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Chelsea announced the signing of Pedro


Chelsea’s official website the statement did not disclose details of the contract, according to earlier media reports, Pedro will be signed for four years with the Blues. Pedro statement which describes the experience, and praised him as a player won a lot of titles. Pedro himself in an interview, said: “I am very happy to be here, but also to start a new adventure in Chelsea excited, I’m here to thank the club went on to win the trophy and the fans for their support, to let me. wear this blue shirt. ”
According to news released by Barcelona, the total amount of the transfer fee was 30 million euros Pedro, which is 3 million euros of floating provisions and field performance related. Barcelona’s official website to thank the contributions made by Pedro for the team, Barcelona’s official blessing Pedro pushing also to have a better future. In effect during Barcelona Pedro in all competitions for Barcelona scored 99 goals, and the team together won 20 titles.

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